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Remembrance and remembering


In the last couple of weeks I’ve attended two funerals: one was of someone I knew very well; one not so well, and at both I’ve wondered whether it would be particularly ghoulish to write eulogies for my parents now, while they are still very much alive.

People are often outraged to hear that newspapers already have obituaries written in the event of certain prominent people dying – Nelson Mandela comes to mind. Or that television stations have news teams and ready-made tribute documentaries that just need updating, for example. But of course, it’s simple pragmatism – they can’t afford to be scrambling for words or footage when he dies.

And I feel the same way about my parents. I don’t want to be penning a tribute to people I love when I’m blinded by grief and overwhelmed by the long list of practicalities that the death of a loved…

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The sordid tale of how I was censored by Straight Pride UK

Oliver Hotham


A few weeks ago, when thinking of interesting things I could write for this blog, I remembered a weird organisation that gathered some attention on the internet a month or two ago.

The organisation is called Straight Pride UK. It’s a strange group which believes that the tide of Gay rights has gone too far, and that now heterosexuals have become the oppressed minority. Essentially their philosophy  is spun from the same reactionary cloth as “Men’s Rights activists”  –  the notion that, having essentially run Western society for most its existence, progressive demands that Christian white straight males share some of their total grasp on power is somehow a removal of their rights.

Anyway, I wrote to Straight Pride asking that they answer some questions. Stipulating that I was “a freelance journalist”, I sent them some questions, about what they do and what they believe.

About a week later…

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console.log(“Learning to code”)

Always great to hear someone planning for the future AND living the dream!


Go back one year and I’d just quit my job, sold everything and set off travelling – I’m still doing it now – go back a little further and you’ll spot me sitting at the dinner table starting out on the first few lessons on Codecademy’sCode Year‘ program, a years worth of online lessons aimed at taking the most un-savvy internet user into the realms of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby and Python. Fast forward a year and the dust has gathered on the lesson’s I’d started and I’m no nearer to completing it.

It’s a familiar story. Many just like me have started off full of high hopes and false promises that within a year we’d all be churning out some of the best website and smartphone apps the world has ever seen, but what we didn’t factor in was life. Life gets in the way

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